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Scalability, flexibility and intercultural expertise, combined with an outstanding customer experience? You have come to the right place! majUP takes care of challenges that might not have shown up on your radar yet, but that you will most certainly face within a year’s time – or even earlier.

Our mission is to support you with the necessary resources to help scale your business (inter-)nationally. We proactively engage with you, your customers and your products. We analyse your customers’ feedback to find out what it takes to make your offering even better.

After all, we know that a first-class customer experience is a key growth driver, especially for startups.

With our majBox, you can create a tailored foundation for your customer experience. At the level of excellence you need.

We support you with the necessary resources for the (inter-)national scaling of your business.

We give your customers a voice and help you understand how you can tailor your offering even better to what your customers need.

Thanks to our flexible booking options, you only pay for what you really need – everything on demand.

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Scaling customer service as your startup grows — hosted by majUP

28th of April 2022, 5pm

The Greatest Challenges in the Startup Universe

You intuitively know how to get the most out of your product. However, a great product alone is often not enough to stand out from the crowd of startups. It is just as important to adapt your customer service to the expectations of your target group.

Sooner or later, most startups face similar challenges:

The Great Unknown

Many startups are so focused on their products that they fail to take notice of what their customers really want. The biggest challenge for startups is to constantly improve themselves and their product while at the same time scaling their customer service. This doesn’t merely mean handling customer enquiries in order to clear the backlog, but – instead – learning from and responding to them.

How we support you:

To enable you to focus on the continuous development of your products and services, we take care of listening to your customers. We analyse your customer enquiries to find out what your customers want and to support you with the targeted optimisation of your services.

Ups & Downs

A team that is large enough to handle peaks in customer enquiries might be too expensive in times of lower volumes. For many startups, it is difficult to forecast seasonal or product-specific peaks and lows, planning ahead can become a challenge.

How we support you:

Ready for take-off? Whether it’s customer service via phone, chat, email or social media – with majUP you can easily book additional resources for peaks and then quickly unbook them when you no longer need them. 

Security First!

For many startups, it is difficult to keep track of the regulatory jungle. Yet a systematic approach to security is essential when startups build large teams that work with sensitive customer data (think GDPR). 

How we support you:

Thanks to our parent company’s years of expertise, we know exactly what you need to pay attention to when processing your customer data. Whether you are a fintech or an e-commerce platform, whether your customer service is provided from Germany or outside the EU – we can help you with the regulatory challenges.

Towards New Horizons

Startups that excel in their home market with excellent customer service are often surprised when they expand to other countries. Not only is the local language a challenge, but the different cultural heritage and expectations often make a big difference.

How we support you:

With decades of experience and our global network, we are ready to accompany you on your path of global expansion and market entry in new countries. Our international team not only speaks the right language, but also strikes the right tone and thus has the right cultural fit for your customers.

Our majBox

Book flexibly and on-demand, everything you need to boost your customer experience

  • Your team for worldwide, multilingual, multi-channel support

  • Integration of all relevant channels (phone, email, chat, social media, …) 

  • Training databases and knowledge management

  • Service insight reporting for optimal feedback analysis

  • Technological Solutions (Chatbot, Voicebot, Omnilanguage Solution, …)

Our price-tool is coming soon! Here is what your flexible booking might look like:  


<1 Week

<2 Weeks


Social media


... > 30 more






Ticket System
Omnilanguage Solution


10,000 € / Month


Our Story

For almost 25 years, we have stood alongside some of the world’s most recognised companies. We have partnered with a large number of successful startups (and today’s Unicorns) from the very beginning and have grown together with them. That’s how Majorel, our parent company, became one of the world’s largest BPO providers. 

But unfortunately, our success also has a downside: Often, the size of our business deters young startups from talking to us. They think that we are either too big to be interested in them or that we will bore them to death with old-school, standardised processes.

Our idea: why not set up an entirely new business that focuses exclusively on the unique needs of fast-growing startups? In this way, we are able to combine all the benefits of a big company (experience & resources) with the advantages of a small company (agile, young and fun to work with). And so majUP was born.

At the Heart of Startup Hubs

Whether it’s Berlin, Madrid or Paris – we joined the startup scenes of the most exciting technology hubs. And we already have plans for London, Shanghai, Silicon Valley and Lagos. We are involved globally. With our locations in the world’s most vibrant startup clusters, we are the ideal partner to globally scale your customer experience – from next door.


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